About us

Who is Casino Belgium?

Casinobelgium.be is the first official website in Belgium with online casino games. Casinobelgium.be guarantees fun gaming in a secure environment under the authority of the legal department of the Belgium Gaming Commission. A legal internet environment considerably increases your chances of winning compared to a non-regulated environment.

Casinobelgium.be guarantees of secure and fun gaming, which considerably increases your chance of winning.

Your information will neither be used for commercial reasons, nor made available to third parties.

What does casinobelgium.be offer you?

Casinobelgium.be gives you the ability to play in a secure web environment where the possibility of winning is more probable.

For Casinobelgium.be, words such as gambling, poker, dice games, slots, roulette, betting, black jack, gaming room, joker, gaming, slot machines, horses games, dice and jackpot are not unknown.

Casinobelgium.be is accredited by the Commission des Jeux de hasard de Belgique (Belgium Gaming Commission) , which ensures that you receive your winnings in a secure way and that you benefit from all legal protection.

Casinobelgium.be's objective is to be the first Belgium website where people have a real experience of gaming under lucky stars, by getting generous "Mysteries ".

The advantages of casinobelgium.be

You'll have numerous advantages playing online on Casinobelgium.be. Are you a beginner? You'll learn at your own pace. Are you a warned player? You'll have all the latest games available with a higher payout percentage.

Playing on your PC with something to nibble on and a nice drink is often more pleasant than getting all dressed up to go to the casino. On your computer, at Casinobelgium.be, you can dress as you like and have a drink, or even a smoke, if that's what you enjoy doing at home without anyone disturbing your privacy.

To win and try your luck, you just have to get on Casinobelgium.be.