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    1 € is a website with the best Belgian 100% legal online casino games accredited by the Belgian Gaming Commission, operating throughout Belgium. ensures a funny game in a safe environment. Play our online dice games, roulette, blackjack or video poker ...

Casino Belgium: Play online and receive € 260 in Bonus

Once you register on our online gaming platform you will receive € 10 on your account for free.

You will also receive a first deposit bonus of 105% (max. 250 EUR) in order to fully enjoy the casino games online.

Casino Belgium: The 100% legal online casino game website

The gain is guaranteed by law on gambling.

A legal Internet environment greatly increases your chances of winning against an unregulated environment. is your guarantee of a safe and funny game, which greatly increases your chances of winning.

Your personal data will not be used for commercial purposes or made available to third parties. is a online casino game website, type B + (class II), not to be confused with A + (class I) online casinos like the Casino de Spa, the casino of Namur, the Brussels Casino, Oostende Casin, ... which are 9 are in Belgium

In Belgium, the gambling establishments are divided into four classes: casinos (class I), amusement arcades (class II), drinking establishments (Class III) and places that are only intended for sports betting (class IV). is a gameroom with automatic online games operated by license type B +. For more information:

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  • hanoun8.868,00 €
  • blindste3.166,13 €
  • luckyluch863.015,50 €
  • Yannick21603.006,40 €
  • hyusein3.002,00 €
  • kristos19812.909,00 €
  • petervw792.367,00 €
  • erold2.354,00 €
  • Elle_Vogue2.200,00 €
  • severineludo2.140,90 €